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We protect your right to location privacy.

* LuminVPN should only be used for privacy protection purpose only *

* Any other usage is not permitted *

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Privacy Protection

Do you know what data you might reveal online? Websites track your location, your device, your viewing habits, and more. Protect your privacy and block unwanted spam through our TripleSafe® service.

Global Coverage

No matter where you live, LuminVPN® protects your online privacy. Travelling? Living in a hotel? No problem - your online security and privacy are guaranteed.

LuminHelper® to the rescue

Forget complicated setup procedures that require a hundred-page user manual just to get started. Our groundbreaking app makes setup a snap, specifically designed to get you up-and-running as quickly as possible. We specifically designed LuminHelper® to guide you through the account creation process, plus manage all auxiliary services, such as one-click DNS changes and automatic IP address updates so you can stay connected 24/7.